Put Aside Your Colors – Focus on Your Customer

In B2B, Business, Sales, Technology by David Solomon

Recently, I sat with a new prospect and they kept emphasizing the need to respect their colours, fonts and logo. To us, it was not an issue – of course we would, but I wanted to keep us centered on the more important issue – their customers. When I questioned about their customers, their customer journeys and what their customer are looking for, they did not feel it to be an essential topic. Then, they changed gears and wanted to talk about Search Engine Optimization and digital market options.

While the website’s looks and marketing are important, when it comes to B2B e-commerce, the initial focus must be on the customers! Without the customer, there is no chance at optimizing the site and clearly NO SALES! Before worrying about laying out your website, here are a couple of key things you must consider:

Who Are Your Target Customers? Who Are You Wanting to Target?

Sounds obvious if you have been selling for many years, but somehow, this is taken for granted. Look at your customer list and see who are your top 20%. What do they have in common? Industry, revenue, geography…keep digging – what else. Then who are your next best customers? Again, go through the exercise that you did for the top 20%. Now you have an idea of who is buying from you today.

Now, who are you wishing to target. This is like shampoo – soap, wash, repeat! We need to repeat the process above to determine the common characteristics of your future customers.

What Are Their Current Buying Patterns with You?

This is where you need your sales and customer service teams to input. One more time, we are looking for patterns. How do they place orders with you? Do they buy in great frequency or in bulk or both? How would your customers like to purchase from you? What are you currently missing to make it even easier to buy from your company?

What Information Are Your Customers Seeking?

If your customers want to buy from you, then what information do they want? What information do they require to make their buying decisions? What are the common questions do they ask of your sales and customer service teams? It could be as simple as:

  • Item details
  • Pricing
  • Quantities
  • Shipping Information
  • Inventory Availability
  • And more

Now the Next Step

Now that you have this information, it is time to put together the e-commerce strategy. Knowing who your customers are / will be, how they buy and what information they want is the core to getting onto putting the strategy into place. From here, you can structure the site and, ideally, the integration into your internal systems, and offer your customers an easy-to-use platform to obtain the desired information and them, to order from you. Colours, fonts, logos, SEO and the digital marketing will all fall into place with the above information.

Not sure where to start or how to get this done? That is where the team from SimboliQ comes in. We have the business and technology experience and knowledge that can guide your through this process. Regardless of your size, SimboliQ can help you make the formulate the right strategies for your company for today and years to come. SimboliQ works with other firms to offer you a one-stop shop regardless of your online needs. Contact us at sales@simboliq.com or (888) 916-8647 to setup a meeting where we could discuss your needs or for more information, visit our website at www.simboliq.com.