Order Automation Drives Profits

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Too many companies still believe that the only (and best) way to service customers is exclusively with the human touch. One consequence is that all incoming orders are handled, validated and entered manually. At the same time, how much lost time is dedicated to servicing customers? Manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers who continue to practice these archaic methods are burning money that directly affects the bottom line. How???

The Downside to Manual Entry

In theory, a person will check with a fine-tooth comb to make sure that the submitted order is error free. However, if your company receives a high volume of orders or if the order is filled with complex details and pricing, errors are bound to occur. In fact, studies show that 5% to 7% of all orders are processed with errors. These errors will cost the company money that is not recoverable.

The Downside to People Dealing with All Customer Inquiries

In a perfect world, members of the customer service department are effectively answering requests via phone calls and emails since they are equipped with answers in real time. Unfortunately, a vast majority of customer service departments spend too much time dealing with customer requests. Studies show that customer service representatives spend 20% of their day searching for information that is not at their finger tips. Yet again, lost productivity hurting the bottom line.

The Solution – Automation and Customer Service – The Perfect Marriage

Give your customer and your customer service department the tools necessary by automating the ordering process. It starts with a user-customized e-commerce experience. Your customers will be able to see their own personalized catalogue, pricing, shipping and inventory information. Your customers will be able to order from you 24/7 and with all of the necessary information to make ordering decisions.

At the same time, by automating the order process, the Customer Service department will not need to validate the orders eliminating nearly all errors. Automation provides both customers and the Customer Service department the information needed in real time. As a result, the 20% of lost time is virtually eliminated and answers are provided quickly to customers.

Manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers that have automated their ordering process and have kept a lean customer service team, have generated the greatest results. These companies have saved money in customer service expenses, reduced order entry errors and have even seen sales growth.

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