Can B2B e-commerce Be Used to Create New Revenue Opportunities?

In B2B, Business, Technology, Website by David Solomon

Many owners view e-commerce as solely a glorified catalogue and ordering program. True, in its purest form, it is exactly that – a way for customers to order and for suppliers to receive orders. However, thanks to technology, not only does e-commerce make ordering easier and faster, but it also should make customer service better and improve operational efficiency.

Now, have you ever looked at B2B e-commerce to create new revenue opportunities? That’s right – e-commerce should open new revenue opportunities. What kind you ask? Well it depends on the business. Here is one example:

Photos Made Easy

A professional photographer used to sell prints when customers would call him. He would have to manually record all the photos requested, order prints and then send them to the customer. Payment would be a hassle, but eventually, he would collect. He admitted that it added to his workload and he was losing time and money having to serve customers this way.

After we further analysed his business, we came up with a way for him to automate the entire process without requiring a phone call. The customer would go online, select their photos and pay for them at the end of the selection process. Taking it a step further, we suggested that he offer customers the ability to pay for and download individual photos. He had always hated this offer as it meant spending time on a low-priced commodity; however, it would mean a lot to his customers and it would cost him nothing.

The end result has been that implementing the appropriate e-commerce solution has benefited him by opening new revenue sources that has increased the top line. At the same time, the automation has lead to him saving time and money. How? By diminishing the manual work and having a better process resulted in a better profit margin. All in all, this investment has made his business better.

What Can You Do?

Are there revenue opportunities that you are missing? Are there ways to turn operational efficiencies into bottom line improvements? Not sure where to begin or what’s e-commerce solution is appropriate for your company? That is where the team from SimboliQ comes in. We have the business and technology experience and knowledge that can help you plan your e-commerce project. Regardless of your size, SimboliQ can help you make the right decisions for your company for today and years to come. SimboliQ works with other firms to offer you a one-stop shop regardless of your online needs. Contact us at or (888) 916-8647 to setup a meeting where we could discuss your needs or for more information, visit our website at

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