Make them Want to Come Back! B2B e-commerce Recommendations

In B2B, Business, Sales, Technology, Website by David Solomon

When you go on Amazon or other similar sites, the customer experience is simply at its best. As a result, consumers return to buy again and again! The B2B world is no different! That is precisely what your customers and future customers want to experience visiting and ordering from your B2B site. Need some ideas to enhance the experience, here are three suggestions that should be part of your site strategy:

Keep the Orders Complete

When customers order from your B2B site, they may order the same components or items. If your business moves a lot of product at a time – you might find yourself short or out of stock. Keep the customer happy – your site should offer an alternative or three. Your system should align items with a couple of possible alternatives based on their past purchases or similar items. Your customers will appreciate the effort that you are looking to satisfy their requirements and will buy your alternatives.

The Pricing

To keep things simple, companies will list their items with a list price. The result is the customer must do work to figure out their own net pricing. This causes undue frustration, but this can easily be remedied. By integrating the B2B site to your existing software, each customer can see their own prices. Moreover, you can tailor-make offers to your clients making the customer experience even more attractive.

Give Them the Information Your Customers Need

Today’s buyer is looking for as much information as possible for what their company needs to purchase. Give your customers and prospects what they want – the right amount of information they need to make their buys. This is not about less is more! Do not “encourage” them to call you! Today’s buyer expects to have what they need at their finger tips. They should only contact you IF there is something special or unique. Make sure your B2B site has the complete information, specifications and colour options.

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