Not All of us Web Guys Are the Same

In B2B, Business, Technology, Website by David Solomon

The world of the internet has become more complex than ever and will continue to get more intricate as more technologies emerge. Therefore, it is not possible for any one individual to be able to do or offer you everything! A doctor cannot be a catch-all for everything related to medicine – you may need a specialist who can truly diagnose what ails you. When it comes to your company’s needs for your website, it is time to think about it like you would a doctor. What does it really need?

What Do You Need the Site to Do?

What is the purpose of your site? Start from the beginning, what do you (and your customers / prospects) want from your site:

  • Provide static information
  • Promote products or services
  • News, Blog or other regularly added content
  • E-commerce – B2B or B2C or both
  • Exchange of information that comes from your integrated systems
  • Track traffic and generate relevant marketing data
  • Generate leads
  • Some or all of the above

Surprise – each of these items require its own plan AND execution. There is no longer anything simple about building a site – no one size fits all. Your IT person / department may be able to help, but unless you have a very high IT budget, you will not be effective keeping this in-house. You will need outside help. Now, where to go??? Here are a couple of people / companies to keep in mind.

It is Just Simple Content -Right!?!

Sadly, many firms still believe that a simple website is the solution regardless of the content. Moreover, many developers will claim that they can easily build it. Some of the time, it can be done with simple, technological solutions. However, there are things that you must consider before pursuing the easy route:

  • What is the source of the content? Are you adding text or pictures on the odd occasion or is the content coming from an integrated source?
  • How much content are you planning to upload? How frequently do you need to change the content?
  • Are there multiple language considerations?
  • Will your company need different levels of users/editors/publishers?
  • What will your site need 1 year from now? 2 years from now?

This and many other questions need to be asked before deciding on a solution. While design and look is important, so is content management. WordPress tends to be the default solution offered by developers. While it is the most popular platform in the world (nearly 1 in 4 websites are on WordPress) and there are so many plugins that can perform the actions your site needs, it still may not be the right solution for your firm.

SEO, SEM and the rest of the Internet Alphabet Soup

Once again, a generalist can give you pointers about getting found in Google and can even suggest what type of digital marketing you require, but here again call in a Specialist – a true digital marketer. Regardless of the size of your company or budget, a digital marketer can help you to maximize the efficiency of your site. They can help you decide on:

  • The appropriate content for your site
  • The right way to target the appropriate market to your site
  • Enhance your brand online
  • Get you leads
  • Start to help you with your site’s data

Your IT person is more than likely technically capable of helping you out here, but it requires creativity and data analysis. You need a specialist – the Digital Marketer. Every company should have at least one as part of their online team.

e-Commerce is NOT Amazon, or is it?

Are you selling direct to consumers? Other businesses? What do your customers expect from your site? Do you need to be only on one platform? Does it have to be integrated with your internal software? Many, many questions and no two companies or situations are alike. At times, Amazon, eBay or the like are the solution. Sometimes, it is WooCommerce, Magento or Shopify. Other times, it is a customized solution. AND, it may be a combination of the some of the above depending on what you do. Here is where you really need to sit with someone who is an e-commerce specialist. Do not just trust anyone who claims to build websites and knows about e-commerce. Find someone who can:

  • Clearly explain to you the differences between each of the different platforms
  • Understand your internal capabilities and needs
  • Plan your e-commerce expansion without destroying your budget
  • Understand online payment options
  • Work with your IT team and/or Digital Marketing team

The “easier” solutions can be detrimental to your site. It can cause slowdowns and, in the long run, be harder to manage. An e-commerce specialist should also be a member of your online team to help you sift through the myriad of options to find what is best for your company.

You Do Not Have the Answers – Seek the Right Advice from the Right Team

I have several companies come to me and tell me what we should build for them and in what technology. Often, this is based on a conversation with someone who has some experience building websites and has basic internet knowledge. Other times, they read about it in an article or heard it from someone else. Or they heard the idea from a friend at another company. If you have a basic website with basic requirements, you might have an appropriate solution. However, if you require something more complex the solution you demand may prove costly and fatal. This is the time to call in the appropriate team.

What Should You Do?

Not sure where to begin or what’s out there for your company? That is where the team from SimboliQ comes in. We have the business and technology experience and knowledge that can help you plan your website project. Regardless of your size, SimboliQ can help you make the right decisions for your company for today and years to come. SimboliQ works with other firms to offer you a one-stop shop regardless of your online needs. Contact us at or (888) 916-8647 to setup a meeting where we could discuss your needs or for more information, visit our website at