B2B Online Selling Should Not Give Your Company Any Difficulties

In B2B, Business, Sales, Technology by David Solomon

Recently, I spoke to a new prospect who was very hesitant to speak to me. This past Spring, we met at a trade show and he had shown interest in our B2B software. He asked me to connect with him after the Show and to discuss our software and his company’s needs. Well…needless to say that it took me quite some time to reach him and later, he admitted that he did not really want to speak to me (really our company). He said that he feared that another piece of software would cause his company additional problems. He added that historically, any time he has added software to make his firm more efficient, it has caused even more problems. This did not surprise me as we have encountered this quite often with businesses of all sizes- particularly with B2B businesses.

The Real Problem

Think of the various software programs that small to mid-sized companies have installed – one for orders, one for shipping, one for invoicing, one for inventory, one for their CRM and so on… At the end of the day, does your software speak to each other seamlessly? In a vast majority of cases, they do not! Consequently, this causes unnecessary manual work rendering the software investments unrealized. The sad reality is that companies are spending even more money to make things work out. Consequently, frustration builds, more mistakes occur and owners and decision makers are afraid to invest more in software.

The Solution

While an ERP system can help tie in all of your internal systems, externally you are still missing a key piece of software – a custom, web application for your customers and prospects. This web application needs to be integrated in order to talk to all of your internal systems making the customer experience better, generate more sales and your company can be even more efficient, i.e. eliminating those pesky, costly manual actions.

Going custom does not mean spending more money to make it look nice, but to make it efficient at connecting with all of your internal programs without any hiccups. In the B2B world, companies cannot rely on an off the shelf product to solve their problems – they just do not provide what your company needs – proper integration. Do not fear that you will be breaking the bank or invest in another failure costing you even more money. You will finally generate the ROI from all of your software investments AND grow revenues and profits.

Not sure where to begin? That is where the team from SimboliQ comes in. We have the business and technology experience and knowledge that can plan and execute in offering you the right custom web application to make it happen. Regardless of your size, SimboliQ can help you make the right decisions for your company for today and years to come. Contact us at sales@simboliq.com or (888) 916-8647 to setup a meeting where we could discuss your needs or for more information, visit our website at www.simboliq.com.